10 Tips to Polish Up Your Workible Profile

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workible-find-jobsWith Workible, we’ve reinvented the way you find flexible work.  The hunter has become the hunted.

We know what it’s like to send off resume after resume on on a job board and hear … nothing! Now all that’s changed. On Workible all you do is set up your profile and the jobs find you. It’s like having your personal, up-to-date CV out in the market 24/7 and working for you.

Here are 10 Tips to Polish Up Your Workible Profile and increase your chances of landing your next job match…

1. Add Some Visual Personality: Adding an image to your profile can really help give your profile a “human” element. It could be of you, your pet, your favourite flower or pair of shoes. Ideally the image will tell the potential employer something extra about you to help you stand out from other candidates. If you’re looking for a job in retail or hospitality, use a picture that’s related to the industry.

2. Concoct a Killer Headline: Use this quick line to sell yourself in one line.  Use it like a Tweet or Status Update and pack it full of punch.  What can you say in a few short words that will catch a potential employer’s eye?

3. Provide a Highlight Reel of Your Work Life: The Work Highlights section is a quick way for you to summarise yourself as a worker.  What do you want an Employer to know about you? What have been your biggest achievements? Tell them why they should consider you as a candidate.

4. More About You, The Person: Use this as you would normally use a Cover Letter. Explain what makes you a great candidate, what you’re looking for in terms of jobs/ employers/ challenges and anything else that would be relevant and expand upon the rest of the information in your profile. This is your opportunity to tell potential employers more about you and what you’re looking for, eg. a position in Clothing or Shoes, and why.

5. Spotlight Your SkillsWhile we don’t encourage you to go overboard, having 10-15 good quality skills that really represent what your talents are, what your experience has focused on and what you’re hoping to explore further.  Think about the job roles you’ve had or you’re qualified for and list them.  Workible offers a way to increase your chances of landing the job when it does come up by endorsing your skills.  Contact us to find out more…

6. Languages:  As we become more of a global society, more employers are looking for bi-lingual or multi-lingual people.  If you speak a second – or third – language your Workible profile can reflect that which enables employers who require workers with a language other than English to search by the language they require – and means more matches for you. Just go to the Skills section of your profile to find where you can include your Languages.

7. Work History: Whatever you do, don’t leave it blank!  Fill it with your latest roles. If you’re a newcomer to the Working World then include your Volunteer/ Work/ School Experiences.  And if you don’t have that, go get some!  Even if it’s a Saturday gig walking dogs at your local animal shelter, do something that shows you know what work is, how to show up on time and that someone else can vouch for it.

8. Work Rights:  This is mainly for our Visa Holders – just be straight with your status!  Sometimes our overseas seekers are afraid to admit their visa status because employers may see it as a negative so they’ll leave their Work Rights blank.  Don’t!  If you don’t include this information in your profile, most employers will likely assume you’re a Visa Holder and then assume you don’t have the right to work or your visa expires soon and therefore it’s not worth investing the time and energy in recruiting, hiring and training you.  You may as well get to the point, state what visa you’re on and when it expires because if you do make it further down the recruitment path, you’ll need to disclose this information anyway and if you’ve purposely hidden it, there’s very little chance you’ll get the job anyway.  It’s a waste of the employers time and your own.

9. Fill ‘er up! Your profile has to be more than 75% complete to unlock all of the Workible benefits.  Only then can our Employers see your profile when they’re searching for Candidates to invite to apply for their job openings and ONLY THEN will you start to receive alerts/ push notifications when jobs are posted that match your preferences. But, if you’ve followed the tips above, that should be a breeze!

10. Get Instant! If you don’t already have the Workible smartphone app with your notifications turned on, it’s quite possible you could miss out on your next job match because you’re not the quickest on the draw. It really can happen that fast through Workible so I’d encourage you to download the app and turn your notifications on because it’s the fastest way to find out about new job opportunities that match your Workible profile. You’ll only ever receive notifications that are highly personal to you but if the notifications ever get to be too much, just let us know and we’ll fix it!

If you’d like a Workible Job Matchmaker to do a complimentary review of your profile, get in touch!

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