12 Dream Travel Jobs

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Are you caught in a perpetual cycle of idly sitting by in front of the computer browsing through travel pictures? Do you fathom a longing desire to travel the world while building a career?

Good news is, the world really is your oyster and there are plenty of travel jobs out there that will let you do just that! So go out there and begin afresh in your dream travel job.

1. Travel Blogger

Simple and straightforward, blog about your travels with focus ranging from international cuisine to quirky customary traditions. As long as you gain exposure and drive traffic, there are many ways to make money and subsequently a career out of it.

2. English Teacher

With the growing prevalence of the English language, English as a second language is highly sought after in a number of places around the world. As a result, the demand for English education is booming.

3. International Aid Worker

Plenty of NGOs such as Oxfam Australia offer this position for those really looking to make a difference in the world. There is plenty to do and places to go. Qualifications are not all that important so it’s one of the easier work travel job to get.

4. Flight Attendant

While the hours aren’t great and you must be presentable at all times, there are some pretty surreal upsides to this job. Travelling to different places around the globe is literally part of your job and you can even get free flights as an employee perk.

5. Bartender

With as little as a few months as a bartender, you will have all that’s necessary to start putting those bartending skills to use anywhere in the world.

6. Scuba/Surf/Ski Instructor

Simply take an accredited course for instructing your chosen sport and start applying! From diving in serene underwater playgrounds, riding waves in some of the world’s most famous beaches or carving through snow-laden mountains, It’s almost not a job.

7. Au Pair

If you have baby-sitting experience or simply good with kids, you can apply to be an Au Pair in almost any country in the world. You’ll live with a host family, look after the children and receive a small salary for your efforts. While your downtime will be extremely limited, you will be able to experience what family life looks like in different countries.

8. Travel Agent

Perfect if you fancy yourself a travel guru and are willing to divulge some of your travel hacks with other people. All while getting compensated with heavily discounted tickets on top of a salary. Larger international travel agencies such as Flight Centre are often able to provide the best employee deals.

9. International Hotel Career

Regardless of whether you work as a hotel level employee or in the hotel’s corporate headquarters, there are plenty of opportunities to travel. Just know what they are and how to put yourself in the best position to get them.

10. National Navy

Chances are, you might not have much of a say, if any, in where you go, but all military branches offer international deployment to its employees. If a travel and action packed career is in your sights, this is for you.

11.Travel Show Host

Job Requirements: Be extremely likeable and have a willingness to try new things (obviously have a love for travel too). This is perhaps one of the best travel jobs on the list; low on stress, high on fun, free travel and maybe even celebrity status involved!

12. Diplomat

If you are truly patriotic but not quite ready to jump into the military, diplomacy might be the perfect fit for you. “They serve in countless roles: from economists and health care specialists to translators and administrative assistants.”


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