3 Tips for Getting Your Profile in the “Yes” List

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hired-ignoredThere are thousands of job hunters using our Workible job tool. How do you ensure your profile stands out from the rest? How do you make sure your application gets on the “Yes pile”?

Here are three simple tips that should aid you well.

1. Perfect grammar and well structured sentences

As a team member of Workible, I’ve edited and created many Workible profiles for our users. You will be surprised how many times I’ve seen profiles riddled with spelling errors, grammar mistakes and poorly thought out sentences. I’ve seen several profiles with literally zero capital letters. I had to go through and add them in.

If you really want your Workible profile to stand out, make your sentences interesting and unique, with perfect grammar. There have only been a few profiles I’ve seen which fit this criteria. I remember one applicant’s Cover Letter (formerly ‘Why Hire Me?’) section was very convincing and professional. The sentences were interesting and well-written. She sounded very qualified from her descriptions and made me what to hire her if I was an HR manager. Same thing can apply to you!

2. Reaching 100% on your profile

If your profile is 90%+, it likely means you’re missing the optional portions; profile picture, date of birth or gender. Having a profile photo simply helps your profile feel more personal and less anonymous to the hiring manager viewing it.

When choosing a profile picture, you don’t have to choose a photo of yourself if you’re uncomfortable with that or prefer not to. You can simply choose something that represents you, like your interests, your character, your sense of humor, your skills or even one that shows you’re a proud parent. Some people have put photos of sunsets or nice views. That is fine. Your photo is the only thing you can use to ‘beautify’ your profile. So take advantage of it!

It is highly recommended that you fill out all parts of your profile before hitting “APPLY FOR THIS JOB” on the job ad. This includes the Qualifications/Education and About sections. The About section is usually helpful for extra information that you’d like the hiring manager to know about you, that couldn’t fit into the Cover Letter. The Workible team recommends your Cover Letter portion be 500-1000 characters long, so it’s easily readable for the hiring manager and yet not too short.

I also notice plenty of profiles with very few skills listed in the Skills/Languages section. It is common for some users to only list technical/specific skills like “Database management,” “Forklift Licence” or “Diploma in Hospitality”. Technical skills are important to list but you need to remember to add personal qualities as well. Ones like: hardworking, efficient, reliable, team player, interpersonal skills, bubbly, excellent communication skills, friendly, ability to work under pressure etc. We have all these skills stored in our database, so you can simply click them and add them to your profile. You can also add skills like customer service experience, retail experience, computer skills, excellent customer service, management experience or others. You are allowed up to 25 skills. The skills that you list will attract more attention from potential employers, helping you to rank higher, so much sure you accurately list all your relevant skills!

You can even email us at support@workible.com.au requesting for your skills to be endorsed/verified. All you have to do is attach your certificates and our support team will endorse those skills for you on our database. The endorsed skills will appear blue on your profile and allow employers know there has been some level of verification for your qualifications. Endorsed skills help you rank higher than other candidates.

3. An awesome headline

Some users are also confused about the headline. I’ve seen a bunch of 1-3 word headlines because they thought it was their title (like Mr. or Mrs.) or the job they’re looking for or are most experienced in. But this is incorrect.

Your headline is very important because it is often the first thing a hiring manager will see and read about you. It is simply a concise description of yourself (about two sentences long), designed to grab the hiring manager’s attention.

Highlight your main strengths and show why you’re a worthy candidate. For example:

  • “I have an optimistic and determined attitude towards achieving my ambitions and am a dedicated and reliable worker. I am always hardworking and I am able to deal with difficult customers.”
  • “I always have a professional, team player attitude when it makes to my work. I am dedicated and self-motivated to do my very best. My experience and educational background gives me an edge in the industry.”
  • “I provide exceptional customer service in a friendly environment whilst maintaining the highest quality of professional integrity and standards.”

Executing these three tips when creating/improving your Workible profile should ensure you get on that “Yes” list, no problem! Best wishes and happy job hunting!
Feel free to leave your comments and questions below.

P.S. We actually have a new service that helps you not only transfer your CV details but also we’ll help you optimise it to have the best chances of getting the job you want.  If you’re interested in this service, please click here… http://business.workible.com.au/upload-your-resume and one of our support technicians (including Ethan!) will optimise your Workible profile for you asap!

Ethan Smith
Ethan is quite a strange individual. He wishes to become a theologian one day and yet he bursts into song at any moment he pleases.

He is currently employed as a Virtual Assistant, born and raised in New Zealand, he is an ex-model turned bald. He has a Bachelor’s degree but is now studying towards his Masters in Divinity.

“Being part of the Workible team has been a blast! The people are ridiculously kind haha.”

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2 years 8 months ago

That words are outstanding I never seen before like them I am happy to load my resume it is beautiful

Rebecca Pham
2 years 8 months ago

Hi Yusuf, we’re so glad that you find this helpful! Best of luck with your job hunt 🙂