5 Advantages of Social Network Recruiting

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The idea of ‘Social Recruiting’ is a hot topic in the HR field. It’s a growing trend and extremely popular – particularly in the fields where turnover rates are high and the need to find fill roles is a constant battle.

So does recruiting from your social network really work? Here are 5 advantages of social network recruitment —


1. Your top employees are the ones who love your brand

Your company’s fans and referrals from existing staff are often the best sources of quality new hires.

 So wouldn’t it make sense to serve these potential candidates who love your brand right, to promote your job opportunity to them before you post to a job board and get inundated with job seekers who just ‘want a job’?

Using social media channels to promote your job allows you to instantly tap into a pool of people that are following you, love your brand and are ready to work for you! 


2. Speed up your time to hire with top quality by twice as fast!

With over 40% of people socialising online more than they do face-to-face and over 1 Billion users on facebook, promoting job opportunities on social media means real-time engagement with ACTIVE candidates and getting immediate responses.

These people are always on social media constantly on the look out for what’s new about your company – they’re your brand fans, and your biggest brand fans often make your best candidate!


3. Fill entry level roles with fresh talent!

Research found that a huge number of social media users are college students. This makes social network recruitment a great way to attract fresh talent for entry level positions.

 These people are young, creative, hungry for work and best of all, they’re the ones who’ll tell their friends all about your brand!


 4. Word-of-mouth is often the key to find quality people near you

Studies show that using word-of-mouth as a hiring policy is super effective in acquiring and maintaining talent, as a person recruited in this way starts with a good base of knowledge about the position, company and culture, provided by the referring employee.

So chances are, if your new hires are great, so are the friends they refer!


5. Cut down your SEEK bill

You’re already spending a ton on social media and marketing to build a list of followers that love your brand – why waste more money and time on job boards to source a pile of resumes?

Most candidates that apply for your job from job boards are passive – they don’t know your company, nor do they want to get to (unless they’re offered a role).

 These candidates are the ones you don’t want in your business. They’re disengaged at work, demotivated, have poor customer service and tend to have a higher turnover rate.

And we all know what the cost of employee turnover is… expensive!


All in all, social media makes real time engagement possible and allows companies to develop deeper connections with candidates in ways that weren’t possible before.

Social recruiting can also help cut the cost and time to hire and can be extremely effective in laser targeting the perfect fit! Using social media to recruit also maximises brand visibility online and establishes a leading-edge image for your brand.

So next time you decide to recruit, consider whether the position is suitable to promote to your social media channels — you don’t want to miss out on the perfect fit!

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