5 Crazy Ways To Get Noticed By Employers

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With the job market always in high demand and competition, some people have taken the opportunity to stand out against other applicants in strange and interesting ways.

Some of these ways turned out to backfire while others leave a lasting impression that contributes to a successful application. You don’t need to backflip into an interview but you do need to stand out against the competition.

Here are Workible’s top 5 crazy, but good, ways to get noticed by employers.

1. Professional video resume

Submitting a good quality video resume/application highlighting your greatest skills and qualities may catapult you to the top of the list. We live in a digital age and there are many young hiring managers who would prefer watching a concise video of why they should hire you rather than reading long descriptions of you on paper. Plus this is very uncommon. You will stand out immediately.

One example of a good video resume is to divide the video into about three parts where you answer important questions (that appear on the screen) like “What benefit can you bring to an organisation?” or “What experience and skills do you have?” or “Why should we hire you and not others?”

You may even wish to have very unique questions to answer in order to make it interesting or make the video specific to a company (like a “video cover letter”). You can either attach your video resume in your initial email to them, upload it to Youtube or bring it with you on a flashdrive so they can see it during or after your first interview. Keep it concise (about 5 minutes long) and straight to the point. Make sure to smile, be yourself and showcase your communication ability.


2. Volunteer a demonstration/help during the first interview

This is risky but can pay off big. It takes a lot of confidence to pull off. What if they insist that you shouldn’t? What if you fail to fix the problem? Regardless, remember you need the job and what better way for you to showcase that you’re qualified by going ahead and demonstrating you are capable of completing a problem for them under pressure?

Do they have a technical problem on their system? Fix it for them before their very eyes. Do they need an appliance or item repaired? Offer to help and execute it. Have you noticed their assistant needs help? Volunteer.

Demonstrations like these may guarantee your spot. And, don’t worry if you fail this slightly – it really just shows your initiative, and employers love that! You may even wish to warn them in advance through email about your intentions for a demonstration, so it’s less spontaneous.

3. Unique/weird cover letter

Another way to get an employer’s attention is by having a not-so-typical cover letter addressed to their company.

Instead of going for the wooden, expected approach by writing a very formal letter explaining your interest in their role(s), you may want to try something unique like phrasing your cover letter as an invitation (e.g. similar to a wedding invitation) or making your cover letter into a poem.

Show your brighter side and demonstrate why you’re a great candidate, inviting them to hire you.


4. Bring in props

If executed properly, this can also leave a good impression and cause them to like you. For example, you can bring in a bright shirt saying “Hire me, I work hard”, give them a message in a bottle or give your resume on a chocolate bar.

According to Forbes, these three things actually worked!


5. The simple things

There are a variety of crazy ways to impress a potential employer, but the Workible team doesn’t want to promote things “too” crazy. 😉

Delivering those consistent little things might be all you need to impress (or even surprise) them in the interview: dress nicely, be honest in all your answers, leave a thank you note, research the company, explain real examples of your experience, send a follow up email, be serious about your future in the company, be friendly and courteous, make your interview answer relevant to the position.
Remember to be professional in your “crazy” ways to get noticed but be creative and humorous if you can. People are generally weird and love finding more weird people to join their weird team.

Ethan Smith
Ethan is quite a strange individual. He wishes to become a theologian one day and yet he bursts into song at any moment he pleases.

He is currently employed as a Virtual Assistant, born and raised in New Zealand, he is an ex-model turned bald. He has a Bachelor’s degree but is now studying towards his Masters in Divinity.

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