5 Must-Knows about an Employer before walking into an Interview

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Some call knowledge a weapon. Knowledge is certainly important when it comes to that all-important job interview. Knowledge will give you confidence and show the interviewer you have initiative and are proactive.

Here are five must-knows about an employer before you enter that job interview.

1. Know what position you’re applying for in the company and what the job involves


This almost goes without saying. But you’ll be surprised how many job seekers go through with an interview only knowing the title of the position they’re applying for and yet know very little about what the job actually involves day to day.

Google the job title if you must, but don’t come into a job interview unprepared on this basic area.

2. Know the company’s products and services


This one may also seem obvious but many job seekers neglect it. When applying to a company, you should understand and be able to explain the overall or general services that the company provides.

Rehearse out loud how you would explain what you know about the company and its products. This will give you an edge in an interview. It’s not a good look to be asked by the interviewer what you know about their company and you have almost no idea.

3. Knowing the basic background of the company

Before you enter an interview, you should at least know the basic background and history of the company. Where it is going in the future? Is it stable? How old is the company? How big is the company? Is it growing? What partnerships does it have?

It’s important to show them that you know what you’re talking about and that you have a genuine interest in their company. They want to hire passionate people who go that extra mile.

This also gives you the opportunity to make the wise choice whether or not to accept the job offer. Sometimes it’s important for you to be impressed, not just them.


4. Know the standard or general range for the position’s salary

A common interview question is “What is your expected salary for this position?” Your answer shouldn’t be “I have no idea,” “I don’t mind,” or “Exactly 50k.”

It’s better that you give a range as your answer – especially if you’ve done your research and are able to quote some actual statistics. For example “Well, according to Glassdoor, typical salaries for this role in Australia range between $60,000 and $75,000 per year.”

This shows your interviewer that you are confident, prepared, and know the value of your own skills. It will come across as strange to the hiring manager if you seem disinterested in the living you may earn.


5. Know their vision and policies

Ideally, You should have a good grasp on the goals of the company, their policies and how they treat their employees.

Are they people-oriented? Performance oriented? Are they like a family who love hanging out, or are they all about efficiency?

Telling an interviewer what you like about their the company’s vision would be very impressive.

You can often find this information on a company’s website, or their Wikipedia page, or by reading news articles about the company.



By taking the time to research your prospective employer’s company and understanding the 5 points mentioned, you can make a good first impression in the interview.

This will help you stand out from other candidates and give you a better chance of securing the job.

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