5 Ways To Speed Up Your Recruitment Process

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Are you looking to reduce your time to hire? Here are 5 ways which can help you speed up your recruitment process.

1. Create a Job Network

This could be as simple as setting up a careers page on your website or a Facebook fan page where people can express their interest in working for you, follow and engage with your brand and get notified when job are available.

Building a job network also allows you to pre-induct potential candidates, educate them on your workplace culture and help you build a following of loyal jobseekers who are ready to apply once a job opening is available.


2. Share your ad on Social Media

Your candidates are likely to be your best customers — meaning if you have social media, they’re most likely following you.

Posting your ad on a job board is a good step to get exposure, but sharing your ad on social media for your fans to see is where you’ll get the best people who not only love your brand but also want to work for you.

3. Hang out where your candidates hang out

If you own a bar or restaurant you’re likely to always need great bartenders and wait staff — rather than casting a wide net onto a job board and having a ton of inexperienced applicants apply, you can post your ad to niche markets and target specific groups of people e.g. posting your ad to a public Facebook group of bartenders based in Sydney.

This way your post is job specific, location specific and you can instantly notify people who match what you’re looking for.


4. Include a job start date

Most job ads don’t list a specific job start date and are usually left open until the right person fills the spots. Including a job start date can encourage those who are actively looking but putting off their application till a later time, to apply on the spot.

Let jobseekers know that the right person can start immediately and that the job will be filled fast!


5. Conduct video interviews

Interviews can be a timely process and finding a time that suits both you and the jobseeker can be tough. By asking candidates to record a brief 3-minute video of them answering a couple of questions can help save you a ton of time. You can also quickly screen candidates and easily pick out the ones that aren’t right and invite those that look great in for a face to face.

Also, don’t interview just for the sake of it. If the candidate looks like a definite ‘no’, kindly let them know and move on.

I hope these tips can help speed up your Recruitment process. If you’re looking for a tool that can do all of the above, I’d recommend taking a look at Workible’s Job Network Platform.

Our Job Network Plans allow you to build your own personal candidate base of job seekers who are interested in working for your company. This way instead of simply reacting to a recruitment need and possibly having to compromise on the quality of the hire, you can passively recruit 24 x 7 and always have jobseekers at your fingertips.

Plus, in between job opportunities, you can use Workible’s engagement tools to tell them more about your company, what it’s like to work with you, extend special offers and even pre-induct them.

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