6 Jobs Everyone Should Do In Their 20’s

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Woman making coffee in restaurant smilingBeing in your 20’s may be the most exciting, yet, most confusing decade of your adulthood. During this stage, you start to determine the path that you want to go and start to find jobs that relate to the career you wish to have in the future.

At this age, you tend to be more focused and more determined in reaching the goals you have set for yourself. As you mature, you will become more determined in making your dreams into reality.

So it’s important to identify the job that you want to have.

Here are some things that you should consider when looking for a job; things that you might want to ask yourself first before applying for any position.

Things like: Do I like it and will I enjoy doing it? Am I passionate about it? Does it match my skills and qualifications? Do I see myself doing it in 20 years time?

Plenty of opportunities are out there for someone in their twenties and here are the top 6 jobs that are highly recommended for those in their 20’s.

1. Marketing Manager

People in their 20’s gave this job an average satisfaction rating, which makes this a top job for young professionals and young job seekers.

Experts says, that a lot of young professional likes this job because they can have the best of both worlds: a clear, defined career path alongside the opportunity to be creative in a collaborative environment.

2. Software Engineer

A number of young professionals working as a software engineer also reported a great satisfaction with this job. Not only because it offers great reward “high salary” but also, because software engineering offers a secure career path.

This job is also a great choice for anyone who is interested in the application of computer science, engineering and mathematical principles to the development of software systems.

3. Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical Engineering also deserves a decent spot on our list. Those young professionals who wants to become an artist “yes an artist” should choose this job.

If you are creative and curious and someone who can infuse life into imagination. Then, mechanical engineering is for you. It can also create and ensure a great career path.

4. Barista

Baristas work mostly in cafe’s and coffee shops, but they may also work in bars, restaurants and other food and beverage service establishments.

Baristas specialises in making coffee, as well as tea and other beverages. They also take customer’s orders, prepare and serve drinks, and provide information to customers about the content or preparation of their order.

5. Store Manager

Store Managers are responsible for interviewing, hiring, coordinating and disciplining employees. Other than that store managers also make sure that the store has enough stocks, clean and in proper working order. They also create and maintain budgets, and coordinates with and report to senior management in the company

Working as a store manager can be very rewarding since this job offers a decent pay. And if you are someone whose very competitive, sales driven, team player and customer oriented then this job is for you.

6. Developer

Designing, coding, installation and modifying websites are the main responsibilities of a developer. Developers are mostly employed across virtually all industry sectors, from finance, retail, engineering, transport and public organisations.

About a third of IT jobs are in development and programming. So if you have a particular  area of interest, there’s a chance that you can work in a suitable industry.


Are you in your 20’s and currently doing a job you love? Would you recommend others who are in their 20’s to do the same? If so, please comment below. We’d love to add this to our list 🙂

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