6 Signs You Have The Potential To Be A Manager

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Ever think about advancing your career? Here are 6 signs that you have the potential to be a manager…

1. Established – you have proven experience

When you are confident in your current position, know how everything runs and have genuine experience in the game, you may be ready to step up by becoming a manager. For example, if you’ve worked as a retail/sales assistant for a while and you have proven experience dealing with difficult customer or complaints, you’re efficient, have great time management and you’re quick on your feet, then that’s evidence you’re ready to upgrade.

If you feel it’s the right time and you know you have the ability and leadership skills, then go for it. You may have to earn it first or be noticed, but the promotion should be worth it and it goes beautifully on your resume.


2. Responsible with the ability to manage yourself

If you are faithful in the little things, you can also be faithful in the big things. Do you demonstrate productivity while working independently? Are you efficient over your own tasks and duties? Are you proactive and motivated?

Real managers can manage themselves and should be resourceful with their time and driven to succeed. If you know yourself to be irresponsible, do your company a favour by not applying for a management role (no offence).


3. People-oriented

Managers don’t only need leadership and initiative skills; they also need to empathize with their co-workers and have the reliability to follow through on their promises and duties. If you know yourself to be ungracious or very intolerant, you may not be ready for a management role and may become a nightmare to your own friends in the workplace.

Being people-oriented applies to customer service as well as your fellow employees. Do you look out for others’ interests? Do you take a balanced, fair approach to situations? Or do you keep to yourself all the time?

Your boss/manager should be able to quickly pick up on their people-oriented employees and may offer you an opportunity of advancement if that sounds like you.


4. The perfect balance between tough and merciful

You don’t want to have a Vulcan as your manager who is all logic and rules with little mercy; meticulously pointing out your every wrong move and making sure you pay for it. And you don’t want a fairy Godparent who is annoyingly chipper-jolly all the time, granting your every wish.

As a manager, you need the correct balance between justice and mercy. Do you know when to be tough and stand up for what is right? And also to be lenient when it is suitable? Do you know when to discipline an employee professionally even if they may be your friend? And when to let an adversary off the hook?


5. You’re a team player who goes above and beyond

Some employees are already managing without even realising it.

Do you enjoy giving extra advice and assistance to your coworkers? Are you well-coordinated with your team? Do you naturally take the lead or people look to you instinctively in a teamwork environment?

This might be happening already for you because you enjoy being a manager and it’s a suitable role for you.


6. Finding solutions and showing shrewdness

Mina Chang of Linking the World said, “I am always looking for my team to bring me solutions instead of problems. A good manager will understand and have mastered this art form.”

Good managers don’t panic at problems or stand there with no idea what to do. They are astute enough to find the solution without needing to bother their boss. Are you shrewd and proactive, or stagnant and passive? Do you demonstrate creativity when it comes to benefiting your company?

Think you have what it takes to be a manager? Know other important signs? Please comment below!

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