6 Warning Signs To Look For Before You Accept The Job

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18pq6f83mdfr6jpgIt’s important to spot a lousy employer from the beginning rather than being employed, staying in the company and blaming your boss for all the bad work situations.

At the end of the day, you are the one responsible for choosing to work in that company and sticking there. It’s your fault if you ignore the warning signs, so here are just a few to save you the trouble!

1. They take forever to respond to your application

This demonstrates that they have little regard for you and too much regard for themselves. If the hiring team takes more than one month to respond to your application with no apology then that’s a very bad sign.


2. Lack of communication throughout the hiring/interview process

Employers that fail to keep you informed about the selection process or explain what the job’s about indicates a highly disorganized hiring process.

How can you take a company like this seriously?

How can you expect them to value you?


3. If they treat applicants with suspicion or distrust

Is the company you’re applying to expect you to hand over personal/valuable information like your previous earnings?

Do they expect you to give evidence for everything on your resume?

Fearful organizations may even treat applicants like liars or imposters. This is a big signal. Don’t get involved with these kinds of organizations.


4. If they lie to you

If the hiring team exaggerates details, pretends there are job openings when there are none, lie about the level of the position or it’s career path or anything like these, run from that job.

If they can’t be honest to you from the beginning, then don’t be surprised when agreed plans instantly change.


5. If they originally offer a larger salary and then change it to a smaller amount

If an employer offers you a larger salary upon job offer than what you actually receive, quit! Dishonest companies are not worth working for.

Look out for certain “guarantees” that seem too good to be true. They might even reduce your salary for a so-called “percentage of the business”.

So, before you start dreaming of all that you’ll do with the money, do a little digging to see what the position you’re looking to apply for generally pays.


6. If they treat applicants like they’re nothing

This is also a big sign. Some organizations act like they’re everything and you’re nothing and if they hire you it will be the greatest and most generous thing in the world for you.

This shows they don’t even care about the needs of applicants and therefore don’t deserve you as an employee.

Stay clear of fearful companies and lousy employers. Spot them and the signs before it’s too late. The jobseeker who is paying attention can benefit from lousy employers: by backing out of the hiring process and choosing a better company and a better path. “We invite a better situation in when we shut the door on a bad one.”

Have you experience any of the above? Share your story to help other job seekers out there!

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