7 Signs Your Boss Is About To Fire You

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shutterstock_26147695Paranoid about losing your job?

It can be a nightmare going to work everyday with the feeling of your boss about to pull the trigger on you. But are these feelings warranted or are they just paranoia?

It’s important to keep alert and not to simply tune out ‘scary information’. It’s not uncommon to be blindsided with a termination that leaves you shocked and speechless.

If you see these red flags raised, you should be proactive and prepare yourself. Here are some basic signs that they’re planning to replace or get rid of you.

1. No clear future for you in the company

It’s common for employees to simply ask where they’re going forward in the company. Will there be future projects, future opportunities or how one can benefit the company long term?

Have you asked your boss about your future in the company and received a shallow, wishy washy answer? Was your boss very vague when describing your future? Are you confident that they have real plans for you as a continual employee? Or is your future completely uncertain?

2.  An important project suddenly goes sour and is swept under the rug

Has a project that you’ve been leading and holding the reins on  recently lose its spark and gone with little word?

It’s possible your team knows you’re on your way out and have postponed the project planning to regenerate it after you’ve left.

3. Your relationship with your boss has changed… negatively

Were you close and friendly with your boss and now all that’s changed? Can you feel some tension in the air that wasn’t there before?

If your boss doesn’t talk with you the same way, avoids you or is awkward toward you, that can be a big warning sign.


4. Frequent criticism of your performance

There’s obviously a big problem if you’re only receiving negative feedback rather than positive feedback.

If your manager regularly points out your poor performance or mention any issues you cause in the company over a period of time then it’s possible you’re going to be fired. Are you working at your best, or have you been slacking for a few months?

5. Employees, especially in management, start avoiding you

If the management team knows you’re on your way out, it is human nature for them to distant themselves by limiting their interaction with you since it inherently makes them uncomfortable.

This includes your own colleagues who know of your soon departure; they may stop inviting you to the Sunday barbecue or Wednesday night bowling.

6. The company is struggling with profits

Do you consider yourself an ‘expendable’ employee? If you know that the company is struggling financially, your job may be at risk.

Cutting down expenses by getting rid of their least important employees may be one of their first options. Make sure you’re not one of those!

7. You’re left out of the loop and/or important meetings

If they plan to fire you, they naturally don’t want you to be very-up-to-date with everything in the company. They may even leave you out subconsciously.

You may start to hear about important announcements, meetings that you weren’t invited to, colleagues knowing things that you never heard of, or not being including on a group email. Perhaps it’s time to start updating your resume.


There are many warning signs that indicate that you’re about to be let go but they are still subjective.

It’s possible to have all seven of these warning signs and still not be on the verge of losing your job. Anyway, it doesn’t hurt to be on the look out and always prepare for the worse. However, remember to always keep your cool and don’t jeopardise anything!
Have you or do you know anyone who’s recently lost their job? Please ask them to comment on their experiences and if they saw any evident signs before hearing the bad news.

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