8 Must-Have Software Tools For Your Recruitment Process in 2015

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Struggling in your recruitment process? Unsure of what software tools to aid you? We’ve put together a list of the top 8 must-have software tools for busy HR managers in 2015.

1. Evernote

Social recruiters are always working on the go – Evernote allows you to access all of your notes and resources wherever you are. You can create to-do-lists, meeting notes, recruiting strategies, notes on candidates during interviews etc.

You can also collaborate with other team members through making notes on the same document or application, and sharing notes about candidates.

2. Jobvite

Jobvite is the leading recruiting platform with comprehensive features such as the recruiting platform with applicant tracking, recruiting CRM, CRM and social recruiting availability. Jobvite helps maximise the exposure of your ad by taking advantage of social connections within the workplace, allowing hiring managers to find candidates through social networks and employee referrals. With Jobvite you can turn your social followers into potential candidates and build relationships.

3. Talent Xray

Want to strip down the world wide web to find the perfect candidate? Talent Xray offers simple search capabilities for quick, easy sourcing. For as little as $2.99 to purchase the app on iTunes or Google Play, recruiters can use keywords, such as a job and a city, to search LinkedIn, Twitter, and/or Google Plus for potential candidates. All searches can be conveniently saved or shared within the app.

4. Zenefits

If you’re drowning in administrative tasks, Zenefits is perfect to help you automate 99% of your HR administration work. Zenefits is a complete HR app that tackles all manual tasks such as payroll, benefits and compliance; along with onboarding, time-off requests, time tracking and attendance.

Zenefits is an all-in-one HR software that can connect with your existing payroll, benefits or other HR systems through a variety of 3rd party integrations. Alternatively, it can act as your one-stop shop for all your HR management needs. Furthermore, Zenefits gives you the ability to automate a large part of your HR tasks and can help save you a ton of time!

5.  The Resumator

The Resumator automates the hiring process by integrating with your email system and enabling you to post your jobs to multiple employment web sites at once.

It then does all the nitty gritty work such as reading through and parsing arriving resumes sent in PDF or Word formats. This tool is best If you have a regular staff intake or high turnover of staff, and get inundated with applications. Resumator also helps optimize the end to end recruiting experience from posting jobs online, to screening resumes and even conducting interviews. Resumator brings systemised tools and structure to your recruiting process, giving your candidates a better experience.

6. Wave Payroll

Looking for an inexpensive accounting software to handle payroll? Wave Payroll is an online payroll solution for businesses. The application can handle both salaried and hourly employees, and best of all? It’s FREE!

The payroll application is designed to help businesses effectively manage employee paychecks, bonuses and related information. The service currently offers a number of convenient features such as direct deposit, withholding necessary deductions for tax purposes, as well as easy integration with Wave Accounting.

7. mResource

mResource is a platform designed for mobile recruiting and helping spur employee engagement. Recruiters and HR can use the tool to push targeted interactive text messages to interested candidates, schedule interviews, evaluate the effectiveness of a mobile campaign and export recruiting data to an applicant tracking system.

While text messaging is effective, push-notifications tend to provide a higher engagement rate when getting interest from potential candidates – this is where Workible comes in. Push-notifications appear on users’ phones the same way as text messaging, but push-notifications can direct users directly to your job where they can take immediate action, such as apply for your job. This is typically harder to achieve with text messages.

8. Workible

Last but not least, Workible is definitely a must-have tool in your recruitment software tools mix. There currently is no HR software tool which allows you to engage with your candidates the way Workible allows you to.

With Workible, you can build a talent community of candidates that want to work for you. Most importantly, you can engage with your brand fans by sending them deals, news, polls, as well as new job opportunities. Workible also measures each candidate’s engagement with your brand and shows this on their application when they apply for one of your jobs, so you’ll be sure to know who your true brand fans are. After all, your biggest brand advocates do make the best employees!


At the end of the day, these softwares tools are designed to simplify the work for HR professionals and help them achieve the best results, fast.

If you find any other tool that you feel deserves to be in this top 8 list, please share them below. Happy recruiting!

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