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A milestone for Workible – our first 10,000 users

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Collection of different people portraits 10000

This month is our parent company’s third birthday – and what a lovely birthday present we had. On the 2nd of April, the exact day, we hit our big first Workible milestone – 10,000 users!

While it’s the first of many major milestones, the first 10,000 is always a big one – because it’s probably one of the hardest.

Starting a business is always an interesting ride – and a tech start up is even more “interesting”. Coupled with the normal trials and tribulations of a start-up, there are additional challenges that only technology can present. Whether it’s a people-related tech issue (we call these “pebkacs” – problem exists between keyboard and chair) or just the weird and wonderful gremlins inside devices that make things go bump in the night, getting a tech start-up along the initial bumpy road is a whole lot of “fun”.

That makes reaching the first 10,000 users an even more monumental moment. These 10,000 have willingly been our guinea pigs – so they’re uniquely special to us. These are the people who’ve stuck by us, even when things haven’t been perfect. They’ve been the recipients of messages that weren’t necessarily meant for them, buttons that occasionally don’t work the way they should and, just occasionally, something that doesn’t work at all.

They’ve also been our greatest source of information, support, education and constructive criticism – and we’ve welcomed it with open arms because it all helps us to build the solution that has been on our minds and on the drawing board for over a year.

There have been days when we’ve thought we’d never get it right, and days that we still wonder whether we’ll ever be finished (the answer is no!) but we love what we do and we’re extremely grateful to the 10,000 people who’ve stood by us.

Workible is now something we’re extremely proud of and, with every version, every change and every suggestion from our users, our team and our customers, we continue to build and develop something that is, we know, world class.

No user on Workible is ever taken for granted, no suggestion or email is ever ignored and no one is more important on this journey for us than our users (both customers and job seekers).

And so, our sincere thanks to the first 10,000. While we value each and every one of our users, our first 10,000 are just a little bit special to us for sticking it out in the early bumpy days – and there’s an email on it’s way to you to say “thank you” with a little something from us.

Keep your ideas, suggestions, feedback and criticisms coming so we can continue to build exactly what you want. We love getting it all – and answer every single one individually. And thank you from Team Workible. You rock!

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