The Budget 2017 & Your Career: Follow the Money

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On Tuesday, NSW Treasurer Dominic Perrottet announced his budget for 2017-18, splashing money raised through a string of privatisations on schools, hospitals and the justice system. With a big budget and an impressive $4.5 billion surplus, there’s plenty of money to go around, but what does this mean for jobs and you as a jobseeker?

Where the jobs are

OK, drumroll!  The good news is that part of the budget HAS gone to the creation of more employment opportunities in some sectors.  The winners are:

  • Health
    • $100 million for palliative care, including funding for new specialists and to train 300 nurses and allied health staff.
    • 55 extra specialist nurses and midwives, 30 clinical health support workers, 15 medical specialist training positions and five rural GP training spots.
    • 300 scholarships to boost skills in the field of palliative care.
  • Education
    • Extra 1000 teachers with a focus on early childhood education.
  • Transport & Infrastructure
    • $72.7 billion over four years to deliver key infrastructure projects and improvements across NSW, with more than half allocated to transport capital works
  • Family & Community Services
    • $63 million for new casework support officers

There’s already plenty of demand for works in aged and disability care, early childhood care, civil works and construction, so this additional funding will provide even more opportunity.

A further $96 million will be invested in Jobs for NSW. This includes $25 million for a public-private investment in growth companies, in addition to $20 million for a startup hub in Sydney.

The Government believes that startups are well placed to create the jobs of the future, hence their support in terms of funding.  In that regard, they are throwing support behind the growth in tech-related jobs, particular software development, computer and data science, artificial intelligence and cyber-security.

What’s really interesting is that many of these careers don’t require a university degree.   You can make a start by enrolling in a TAFE course and getting real practical experience on the job fast.




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