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On the eve of Workible’s 4th birthday, we’re launching a new campaign called “Find Your Wojo” to celebrate what we do best — helping both job seekers and employers find their “work mojo”.

When Fiona and I started Workible, we set out to take the pain out of recruitment for everyone involved. As job seekers, we were frustrated with the existing systems and knew there had to be a better way to help people find exactly who or what they needed when it came to the job market.

From a single job marketplace that launched in 2013 to now powering over 85 job websites in The Workible Network, Workible has become one of Australia’s leading HR Technology providers powering the largest network of connected job platforms in the country including our own online employment marketplace, WorkibleJOBS.

As we grow, we never want to lose sight of what inspired us in the first place — helping people find a job they love and taking the hard yards out of hiring for employers so they can find the right people to help them grow their businesses.

So, Find Your Wojo is about you, Job Seeker. 

We know searching for a job is a miserable, time-consuming process especially when you’re trying to work around Uni, kids or just life in general.

So, the Workible technology behind WorkibleJOBS is designed to help you find your work mojo — your wojo. 

We’ve made it easy to simply type in exactly the kind of job you want — the days, the roles and even the companies you’d love to work with then we’ll tell you the instant it becomes available. Plus, we’ll give you personalised feedback on every job application.  And that’s just the start – with a lot more up our sleeves! 

And, Find Your Wojo is also about you, Employer. 

We know having to find new staff is an expensive hassle that gets in the way of your “work mojo” — your wojo.

So, we’ve also designed the Workible technology to helping you find your wojo by taking some of the pain – and cost away – from finding staff.

Simply type in exactly who you need and we’ll instantly connect you to the best candidates with the right skills and availability. 

The best part? You only have to pay once to get unlimited job ads for a year.

And that’s for around the same cost a single job ad on other websites. 

So, we want to help you find your wojo by leaving the hard part of hiring to us so you can get back to running your business with the right staff to support you. 

Listen out for the Find Your Wojo messaging on the airwaves and across your communities.  We hope it resonates with you as much as it does with us.

And please send us what “Find Your Wojo” means to you – we’d love to hear from you!



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