Fiona’s tips for Mature Aged Workers as seen on the Today Show

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Our Co-Founder Fiona Anson spoke with Deborah Knight about the challenges mature age workers face in finding employment on The Today Show Sunday with tips for how to re-enter the workforce.

68% of Australian candidates are over 50 years old and 7% over 60. Most of these mature aged workers are looking for jobs in professional services, business roles, retail, service-style industries, hospitality and tourism or warehousing, logistics and transport.

The longer they are looking for work, the more willing they are to “take anything” and the less their past achievements appear to matter. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Here are 5 Tips for Mature Aged Workers from Fiona on how to re-enter the workforce:

  1. Hiring Managers are looking for what’s in it for them.  Be able to clearly articulate what you can bring to the role and why you’re the best person for the job
  2. Being able to use technology is a must these day so skill up if you’re not tech-savvy
  3. Finding a job, for any age, is a numbers game so keep applying and don’t lose heart
  4. Make your CV relevant for the job you’re applying for – especially If you’re stepping “down” from a managerial or supervisory role to a team role.  A retail role doesn’t require 2 Degrees or an MBA so don’t focus on that!
  5. Use your network
  6. If you are moving down the ladder, explain why this is actually what you want – not that you’re forced to do it (otherwise people will assume you’ll get bored.

If you’re looking for work or a worker, tap into the Mature Age Worker Job Network on Workible and we’ll help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Watch the Today Show #9Today video here:

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