Here’s an easy way to gain a competitive advantage in your job search

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At Workible, we want to give you every competitive advantage we can when it comes to your job search so that’s why we’ve introduced a way for you to become “known” and reduce another barrier that could stop you from getting the next job you apply for.

Trust is critical in the job marketplace. Without trust, it’s difficult to get the job you want. It leaves a potential new employer wondering, “What if…?” which often gives them a really easy reason to choose another, more “known” or verified candidate over you.

Here’s a few reasons why a Police Check Badge can help you get a job:

  • Competitive Advantage. You’ll stand out from those without the badge, making you more likely to win jobs.
  • Be the First. As the first with the badge you’ll have the advantage longer than almost anyone else.

  • Be Promoted. We’ll let Workible’s employer community know the extra-level of trust that your badge conveys.

  • Help Our Community. You’ll lead the way to an even better Workible community, meaning more jobs for you and everyone.

Get your police badge check for your profile here…

Adding a Police Check Badge to your profile is easy! The verification process takes place through RISQ Group, an established employment screener, who conducts a criminal history search. After the screening process is complete, a KNOWN badge appears on your profile letting all employers see that you’ve been verified. The badge reassures potential employers that you can be trusted.

Curious to know more? Check out the RISQ website here.

Become one of the first people to be verified with the badge and get ahead of other job seekers in the competitive job market. What are you waiting for? Get your verification started now!

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