How I Got the Job: Adnan, Bar Attendant at RSL Club

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“How I Got the Job” is a profile series of real people with real jobs offering up their stories and advice for how to get a job like them.  Adnan is a hard working Uni Student who is dedicated to his full-time studies and alway open to opportunities to enhance his interpersonal and customer service skills. 

Name: Adnan, 20, Merrylands NSW

The Job: Bar Attendant at Merrylands RSL

The Story: How you got the job… I lived in the area pretty much my whole life and would visit the RSL occasionally for family dinners. An opportunity for job applications opened one week and I took it.

I think what set me apart from other candidates was… that I lived close to the workplace which benefited the RSL if they needed someone urgently. I am also a university student and this is what they were looking for in the part-time position.

I wanted to be a bartender because… it was a good way to make a bit of pocket money while I was studying. I also believed it wasn’t a stressful job and it wouldn’t get in the way of my studies.

My favourite part of the job is… the friendly regulars who I got to know very well during my time at Merrylands RSL, as well as the other staff who I work with

My advice for anyone trying to get a job in bartending would be… to smile a lot. They look for a happy and energetic person who is willing to serve any customer.

My favourite interaction as a bartender would be… the daily banter between the staff, which makes the atmosphere much more comfortable and enjoyable.

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