How I Got the Job: Alex, Trainee Audio Operator On Air Promotions at Seven Network Australia

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“How I Got the Job” is a profile series of real people with real jobs offering up their stories and advice for how to get a job like them.  Alex took an opportunity to learn and turned it into his dream job working for Australia’s highest rated free-to-air television network.

Name: Alex, 29, Drummoyne NSW

The Job:  Trainee Audio Operator On Air Promotions at Seven Network Australia.

The Story: How you got the job… I got the job approximately two years ago by chance that a good friend of a friend whom is now my boss, was looking for someone to fill a trainee position within their studios. The time leading up to this I was hunting for work from radio stations to other production houses. I had finished my Bachelor of Digital Media at SAE approximately 8 months before finding work.

I think what set me apart from other candidates was… my willingness to take any opportunity to get my foot in the door.  To my knowledge there weren’t any other candidates for the role at the time because it wasn’t advertised.  In my case it was a matter of who you know and not what.  I was lucky that an opportunity was presented and I took it.  At 27, it wasn’t easy to accept an unpaid work experience role but I made it work by juggling it with a second job. I proved my enthusiasm by coming in on my own time sitting on the couch, and observing how they do things as well as taking notes was also an advantage.  After five months, my effort was rewarded with a contract.

I wanted a job in the Audio field because… I have had an obsession with music and sound ever since I was a child. I had worked in a Pizza shop, worked in a mail room, worked in a warehouse, but I knew that I didn’t enjoy these jobs and I wasn’t doing what I really wanted. I was 25 when i started the degree, so don’t let age put you off going back to school.

My favourite part of the job is… turning something that sounds flat into something that is dynamic and in your face. I also love creating sounds for graphics that move across the screen, and adding weight to weak sounds.

My advice for anyone trying to get a job in Audio would be… learn as much as you can – do a course, buy textbooks on sound theory and practical applications, do online courses. Also try and network and meet likeminded people, LinkedIn has some good groups for Audio Engineers.

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