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How I Got the Job: Robbie, Fundraiser with The Fundraising People

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“How I Got the Job” is a profile series of real people with real jobs offering up their stories and advice for how to get a job like them.  For this Working Holiday Maker, focusing on his strengths helped him spot an opportunity that would not only allow him to futilise his natural talents but also maximise his experience in a new country.

Name:  Robbie, 32, Coogee NSW (originally Worcestershire, UK)

The Job:  Fundraiser with The Fundraising People

The Story:  How you got the job… My friend used to do it.

I think what set me apart from other candidates was… It’s a high turnover industry so there are always opportunities for enthusiastic people with the right skills.

I wanted to be a fundraiser because… I was doing demolition then I kind of stopped doing that for a bit and I thought ‘I like being sociable, I like meeting new people’ and this was a really good opportunity. I was new to the country, didn’t have that many friends so thought it was a good opportunity; two birds, one stone.

My favourite part of the job is… meeting people and making people happy even if it’s not getting their name down.

My advice for anyone trying to get a job in fundraising is… be outgoing, be bubbly, and confident.  I always say ‘confidence and arrogance’. There is a thin line but they have to overlap a little bit.

My favourite interaction as a Fundraiser… is with someone that has been through poverty or maybe from a country that a charity we work with has helped out.  I had a Bangledeshi give me a jumper before because the charities I represent have helped so much in his country. Seeing him smiling, waving, saying ‘thank you very much’… that was my favourite interaction.

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