How Social Recruiting Can Reduce Your Advertising Costs To Zero

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Your best employee just resigned. You’ve got to find some spare funds and rush to put an ad up for an experienced person in your local area to start ASAP. And then you wait, and wait… and wait.

Well, it doesn’t have to be that hard! What if you could reduce your advertising costs to zero and cut your time to hire to a few days, if not hours?

Sounds like a dream come true, huh? Well it’s not impossible and Social Recruitment is the key; here’s how:

Attract active and passive candidates

Social Recruitment is means for employers to attract active and passive candidates.

It’s likely that some of the best candidates are already employed but are open to opportunities. Likewise, great companies may not be always looking for new employees but are always engaging and connecting with candidates who wants to work for them.

By attracting active and passive candidates, you’ll have the right candidate who’s ready to start once you have an opening.

Build a Shortlist

You know a number of great candidates who love your company, but they’re all currently employed and you don’t have any openings – how do you capture these candidates and notify them of job openings in the future?

Build a Shortlist! Platforms like Workible allow you to build up a list of brand fans – candidates that love your brand and want to work for you. And when you post a job, you can notify all of these candidates in an instant!


Build a Community

You’ve got a list of candidates who’ve expressed working for you – How do you keep them engaged when you don’t have any job opportunities?

Build a community and send news, offers and polls to keep jobseekers engaged with your brand. Allow candidates to interact with your company staff and get your staff to contribute on your Career Page.

Marriott Hotels took a great run at this – they ran a Career Chat Q&A on their Facebook Career page whereby jobseekers could chat and ask questions to Marriott Hotel’s employees.

This allows employers to engage with and possibly screen candidates even before the position arises.

These are just a few ideas on how Social Recruitment can help reduce your advertising costs. Not to mention the time it’ll save you and cut in cost to hire. Feel free to share any other Social Recruitment strategies you would recommend.

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