How I Got the Job: Mitchell, Cashier/ Chef at Ocean Foods

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how-to-get-a-job-chef“How I Got the Job” is a profile series of real people with real jobs offering up their stories and advice for how to get a job like them.  For this Uni student, it was a matter of right place, right time and a “never-say-no” attitude.

Name:  Mitchell, 19, Drummoyne NSW

The Job:  Cashier/Chef at Ocean Foods seafood outlet and fast food takeaway

The Story:  How you got the job (how, why, when, where, but most importantly what steps got you to this point)… I was looking for a job, and luckily I was in the store. I’d known the woman on the register for a long time, and she asked if I wanted a job, knowing that I had just left one.  I said yes, and she started me off that weekend on a trial shift.  Soon enough I was a regular employee.

I think what set me apart from other candidates was… I’m a never-say-no person.

I wanted to be a chef / work for a restaurant because… I had had previous experience in the food industry and I thought it would be an easier transfer for me.

My favourite part of the job is… interacting with the customers, talking to them and getting to know the regulars.

My advice for anyone trying to get a job in hospitality/food is that… opportunities really are everywhere, most places will be hiring constantly, or will at least take your resume and candidacy on board.

My favourite thing on the Ocean Foods menu is… the John Dory fillet in Mediterranean marinade. It’s so well balanced, flavour-wise.

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