How To Land A Job In A Different City

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Are you planning to find a job in a different city? How do you go about it? What are the things you need to consider when finding a job in a different locale?

Here are some tips and the things to consider in landing a job in a different city.

1. Learn things about the city

Before considering to relocate, you may wanted to know more about the city or the place you are planning to be relocated. Things like the weather, cost of living, their culture etc.

It is very important to know these things first so that you can make a self assessment.

You need to find yourself content and comfortable with these things, because, whether you like it or not it is the new place that you will stay.


2. Determine what are the job opportunities waiting for you in your target city

Conduct a research to find out who are the major employers located in the city you wish to move and what are the opportunities awaits you there. Make a list of employers to target in the city and identify key people to get in touch with.

A list of at least 20 employers is good enough, and you should conduct an additional research about these companies just to have more idea on what you are heading to.


3. Establish a local address to use on your application materials

Ask for a friend or a family member’s address to use as a local address on your application materials. And if in case that you don’t want to use a local address, make sure that you make it clear on your application materials on when you will be moving in the city.

You don’t want to disadvantage yourself by confusing the employer with where you’re based.


4. Be flexible and smart

During a long distance job search it is very important to be flexible especially with a potential employer. You need to understand that there are local candidates who will be much easier to access and will probably become your great competition in landing the job.

Show your great level of commitment by showing up early at your interviews. Create a good first impression to the hiring managers by showing your unique and fun personality. And of course, last and certainly not the least, be well presented and neat during your time of interview.


5. Use Mobile Apps to find jobs

If you want a hassle free application, why not try using jobs ads application? Take Workible as an example.

Workible have lots of available jobs all over Australia and it is very convenient and easy to use.

No more time wasted on job boards! Workible also offers a mobile app so you can send your application anywhere, anytime. All you need to do is just to setup your profile and Workible will find the best employer that matches your skills and qualifications.


There are hundreds of job seekers looking to land a job in a different city. And if you think you are one of them, it is always better to make a strategic plan to ensure it all goes well.

I hope the tips above can help you become successful in landing your dream job in a different city.

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