Is it important to love your job?

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It’s a common question: How’s your job going?

Unless it’s a close friend or family member, the typical response offered is a superficial and positive one to avoid having to get into a Deep-and-Meaningful with someone that isn’t really that invested in your life.  However, do you ever think about how much you really enjoy your job? And, to what extent do you give up loving what you do for a decent salary?

Time, quality, and salary are important factors when choosing a job. However, the scale is rarely balanced. If time is flexible, quality may be high, but salary may be low. If salary is high, time is high, and quality of life may be low. People value different things, but to what extent should you be sacrificing certain things for a job?

Obviously, if you wake up every morning angry about having to get up and go your work, it’s time for a new job. Of course, it happens once in awhile, but you shouldn’t feel the dread all the time. Is there a difference between just going to a job you don’t mind versus being excited about the next project?

I know two friends that make me question this.

One friend works for a website. He gets up every day and puts on a t-shirt and jeans to go sit in front of a computer all day. It took four years in University to prepare for this job. He was offered a position right after graduation and is now steadily heading into his second year of working this job. If you ask him how the job is going, he’ll just shrug it off and say that it pays the bills and he’s got a few buddies from work.

The other friend is making her way up in a corporate designer brand. She works day and night, often missing out on socializing with her friends. However, I’ve never seen her so happy in her entire life. She wakes up at the crack of dawn to make herself the most presentable and put-together young business women. She then goes to file papers, answer phone calls, and grab coffee for older members in the office. Her pay does not equal the amount of time and effort actually put in, but she loves the office, the environment, and the industry.

Both of my friends are in positions they chose. Neither one really complains or whines, but it’s clear that my guy friend doesn’t feel the passion about his career like my other friend does. So really, how important is it to love a job?

Some people will say that if it pays well and you don’t hate it, there’s no reason to leave. Others will claim that loving your job, where you spend most of your time during the week, should be something of value. There’s no reason to stay with something that seems like a waste of time.

However you choose a job, whether that be salary motivated, quality motivated, or time flexibility motivated, or a combination of all three, there should be a factor calculated in about how you feel going to work at that specific location. Personally, I do believe happiness matters!


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