Is it better to take a job you don’t really want or wait for the “right one”?

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DecisionsThis is can be a very tough and vital life decision. Do you go for that first job offer, even though it wasn’t your first choice? Or do you wait and risk it all for your number one choice? Are you anxious and debating over this in your head now?

Here are some tips on what measures to take.


1. Request to have more time


Reasonable employers recognize accepting a job is a big deal. They shouldn’t expect an applicant to make an instant decision every time.

Remember, they want you to have the job because they’ve chosen you. It would be risky (and impolite) to deny you the time to think about it. Request for time – perhaps a week or two, to think about it. You have more power than you think.

This will provide the opportunity for your number one or two choices to contact you regarding your interview/application, informing you whether or not you got the job. You can also take this opportunity to follow up on the process of your other applications.

2. Basic signs to turn down a job offer

Turning down a job offer can be tough, especially if the better offer is still yet to be confirmed. Here are some basic signs to determine whether or not to turn down a job offer:

  • The job won’t benefit your career in the future
  • The job application process was unprofessional or miserable
  • The job description is different from the actual job
  • The role seems either too difficult or too easy
  • You have a good sense that the corporate culture isn’t suitable for you

Read more on warning signs to look for in a potential employer before accepting a job here.

3. Never turn your acceptance into a declination

Be a man or woman of your word. Don’t say ‘Yes’ to a job offer while those other opportunities stay in the back of your mind. Once you accept a job offer, that’s final. Don’t put your hope in those pending job applications. Be professional and have integrity. Don’t spoil your reputation.

4. Take the plunge

Life is about taking risks. If you’re confident about that completed interview, it might be best to take the plunge. This is especially true if you are a young professional starting out your career and have the freedom to take bigger risks.

Taking on a job that isn’t suitable for you will impact your overall life career. Taking risks earlier in your career is better than late in your career. Take that leap of faith!


Make sure you weigh the options carefully. Think it through and ask for extra time if you need it.

Accepting a job is an important life decision, so take into consideration your future and the place you are in your life right now before taking a job offer.
If you’re just starting out your career and can afford to take risks, it’s okay to take a leap of faith and see where it takes you.

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