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Jobs In Demand — MechanicsEvery week we speak to our employers about the people they’re looking for so we can tell you what jobs are really in demand – and give you tips about how to get them, and the career path they can set you out on.

This week we’re thrilled to welcome one of our latest employers to #getmoreWorkible — NRMA! On an exciting journey of change and growth, NRMA are always looking for talented people who reflect their values and are passionate about helping others so join the NRMA Job Network to be among the first to find out about their job opportunities.

The roles NRMA recruit for range from Call Centre to Customer Service but the role they have a really hard time finding is Mechanics – so that’s our Job in Demand in this week!

This Week’s Featured Job in Demand:
Motor Vehicle Mechanics

There seems to be a real shortage of mechanics at the moment, especially those who are reliable and qualified.  That means, if you have the skills that these employers are looking for, getting the pick of the best jobs and employers could be yours. And if you don’t, why not skill up so that you can get them?

A Motor Vehicle Mechanic job is also a great stepping stone to other careers in the Automotive or even Aviation or Heavy Commercial industries and it’s a sector that’s predicted to continue to grow in the future so you can count on stability.

What does a Motor Vehicle Mechanic do?

Mechanics have to diagnose and repair a multitude of possible troubles in all types of cars. With the advent of more complex computer and electronic systems in vehicles, as well as alternative fuels like ethanol, mechanics must keep up to date with the latest technologies. They use visual inspections, test drives, and computer diagnostics to determine what the problem is, and then fix it with power tools, pneumatics, and hand tools. Some mechanics specialize in areas such as brakes, air-conditioning, suspension, fuel or transmissions.

Key Skills You’ll Need:  Strong Customer Service Skills, Strong Communication Skills, Good Diagnostic Skills, Problem-Solving Skills, Solid Work Ethic, Strong Technical Aptitude

Qualifications: You’ll need a Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology (formerly a Certificate III in Automotive (Mechanical – Light Vehicle) or a Certificate III in Heavy Commercial Vehicle Mechanical Technology that is part of the Automotive Industry Retails, Service and Repair Training Package.  You’ll also need a MVTC (Motor Vehicle Tradeperson’s Certificate to actually start work.  Find out more about how to get these qualification.

Pros: No two days will be the same.  You’ll be a problem solver and will need to use your lateral thinking ability to get to the bottom of vehicle problems.  There are many different choices for you – road assistance, workshop positions or even in racing teams.  That means you can opt to choose positions that suit the hours you want to work.

Cons: You’ll get dirty!  And, if you’re a woman, it’s a heavily male-dominated industry.

Career Path: Some mechanics become Workshop Managers or go on to specialise in different car systems.

Interested in a Motor Vehicle Mechanic’s job?  
Here’s how to increase your chances….
Add these skills to your Workible profile if you have them:
Good eyesight – Analytical – Physically fit – Can handle stress – Patient – Detail oriented – Good communicator – Problem Solver – Multi-tasker – Customer focussed
Add the following to “Jobs I Want”: Motor Vehicle Mechanic – Automotive Electrician – Motor Cycle Mechanic – Motor Vehicle Transmission Specialist
Add / Skill Up with the following Courses: Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology – Certificate III in Heavy Commercial Vehicle Mechanical Technology – Certificate III in Automotive Body Repair Technology

 Click here to find out more about Automotive Courses >


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