Look Out For #WorkibleJOBS on Store Windows, Buses, Trams and on the Radio!

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Workible has the best job network around – and now we’re telling the world.

Over the coming days, you’ll start to see and hear WorkibleJOBS everywhere.  From our “tap for jobs” stickers in store fronts to large format ads on buses and trams, plus ads on the highest rating radio shows around the country.

Until now, Workible has been taking the job seeking world by stealth while we’ve been working with our clients to build their Talent pipelines.

Now, we’re launching the very public face of our job network – and in a big way.

You see, we want to create a recruitment revolution – a new way to find staff and work, because the old way just isn’t good enough any more.  And, we’re doing it all powered by mobile technology.

From our tap-for-jobs “join the job network” stickers that are appearing in cafes and street front businesses to our national ad campaign, the WorkibleJOBS brand is having a major roll out — and being heralded as a welcome alternative to the “post and pray” strategy that just doesn’t work for anyone.

The number of brands and businesses using Workible is growing daily and their now tapping into the best talent to build their Talent Communities using Workible technology.  Don’t miss out!

Keep an eye (and an ear!) out for WorkibleJOBS. You’ll soon see us everywhere.  If you do, snap a pic and send it to us through a private Facebook message with where you saw it and we’ll add it to our album here… And if you have a favourite employer who’d be a great candidate for a #Tap4JOBS sticker let us know and we’ll get in touch!

If you’re a business who would like a FREE #Tap4JOBS sticker to become part of the growing Job Network, just ask!


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