Making Your Virtual Resume Come to Life

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Sometimes people say that confidence is the best thing you could wear. It can be difficult, however, to portray that confidence in a resume that is sent into the abyss of job applications. There is a way, nevertheless, to stand out of from the norm and significantly increase your chances of getting a response back from the employer. The trick? Creativity. There are many ways to make sure you’re different and not just another piece of paper in the virtual pile.

1. Create a Slogan

Do you have anything that makes you special? Sure you do! Don’t just restate what your resume is saying, but add a short little blurb about what makes you, you and what more you can offer than just your stated skill set. You’re unique! Don’t be afraid to flaunt it because you never know which employer’s eye it will catch. 

In a few short sentences, you should highlight your reason for applying, what you can offer the company, and something that adds a bit of character. Show the employer that there is a person behind the computer screen. That resume has an author with a voice, show it!

2. Build a Compelling Story

Like I said, you are the author of your resume just like there are authors of books. You start off with introducing the main character, which would be you! You then write a slogan, the opening sequence to what should be a pretty good story. Then, the important part, the story of the journey and how you have become the character you’re trying so hard to sell. You don’t need to write down every single job that lead to the persona you’ve become, but if a past position highlights an important and relevant earned skill then include it.

Take your experiences and create your plot line. Use each listed job as a chapter that adds to the overall story. Each chapter should add value and expose the character’s idiosyncrasies, in this case your applicable skills, not just in a factual way but in a captivating manner. Take a new skill from each past position and humbly showcase your newest skills. You’ve earned it!  

3. Give It a Pop of Personality

Prior to looking at your resume or online profile, the employer might have been looking through tons of other resumes all with the same font and qualifications so do something to wake them up and take notice.  Now, I’m not suggesting you make a rainbow-coloured resume with comic sans font, but a blue header and divider may just be enough to show a little bit of you.  Don’t be afraid to try out different formats that may catch the eye of the employer and peak his or her interest. Of course, take into consideration the company you’re applying for and try to appeal to them while also representing yourself.  A more corporate company and a white-collar role, don’t go too crazy. Stick to clean formats with maybe one or two accent colours.  For a more creative role with a funky company, you have a little more creative freedom. Just try to remember it’s only a pop of personality, not a truckload of confetti. 


Being creative with your resume while remaining professional will heed good things from employers. By following these 3 resume tips, you’ve made a riveting opening, a plot line to illustrate your acquired skills, and even gave your resume a makeover. The only thing left to do is to send it on its way for publication… or at least to the employer.

Now, get out there, stand out and take the job market by storm!


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