Mobile trends, social recruitment and employee engagement

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There’s hasn’t been a lot of change in the recruitment space for decades.  For over 50 years, recruitment methods have remained the same – ads placed and resumes received.  It’s no wonder that people are starting to talk about “disruption” (a Silicon Valley word that simply means change!)

The last big “disruption” was taking classified ads online courtesy of job boards however the resume deluge has remained the same.

However, mobile technology has provided us with some real disruption to a number of industries – and now it’s recruitment’s turn.

Workible is proud to be leading the change in reinventing the way recruitment is done and we believe that, soon, the way it’s done on Workible will become the norm.

Why are we so sure?  Because we can significantly reduce time and costs of HR functions, as well as providing simply a better candidate (and a better candidate experience).

Coupling the features that mobile provides with a first ever social platform that’s specifically geared to jobs, Workible is harnessing the trend of social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

We’ll be talking about these trends next week at two HR conferences that are hitting Sydney.

On Tuesday we’ll be speaking about how to reduce HR costs and employee turnover in casual and hourly workforces at the Employee Engagement Forum.  With the hourly workforce now accounting for 57% of the Australian workforce (and tipped to rise to 80% within the next decade), managing employee engagement in this sector is going to be a growing HR challenge.  The Employee Engagement Forum is on at the Sir Stamford Hotel in Macquarie Street Sydney from Monday 19th May to Wednesday, 21st May.  More details are here.

On Wednesday and Thursday, we’ll be speaking at the Australasian Talent Conference’s Innovation Lab about Workible’s mobile and social recruitment solutions and how these can help HR professionals drastically improve the efficiency of their recruitment processes – and save significant amounts of time and money.

Join us at the ATC at the Sofitel Hotel (a Workible client) at 1pm on Wednesday 21st or Thursday 22nd or 10am on Thursday.  More details about the Australasian Talent Conference 2014 are here.

We look forward to seeing you there.

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