Because paying for job ads is bullshit

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Hiring new staff is a necessary evil for all businesses, but it’s a special type of hell for small businesses who don’t have the same resources the biggies do to spend on expensive job ads, recruiters or fancy recruitment software (which, honestly, isn’t that great).

We think small businesses paying for expensive job ads is bullshit. That’s why we’ve packaged up some of the best features of Workible that help small businesses to streamline and simplify their hiring process PLUS added in UNLIMITED HIRING for just $298 per year as a Workible Small Business Member.

Quick fact: That’s less than 1 single, solitary job ad on the major job boards.  Just sayin’.

So if you know someone who hates paying for job ads, be their hiring hero and tell them about Workible’s Small Business Membership —

Because, frankly, life is better when you don’t have to pay for job ads.

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