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As a company founded by frustrated job seekers, we’re well aware of how terrible the job search experience is … let’s face it, it sucks!  And we think it’s time someone stood up for the Job Seeker and demanded change.

So, after compiling thousands of responses to our Job Seeker Experience Survey conducted last year, we’ve just finalised a comprehensive report on the harsh reality of what it is like to be unemployed in Australia today with the hope that employers wake up and treat their candidates better.

As many of you participated in the survey, we wanted to send you the results so please feel free to take a look at our findings here…

Click here for the report >

We’ve also taken a lot of your comments and feedback on board at Workible and have been working hard to introduce improvements to the system – some easy to notice, others not so obvious but all we hope will make it easier to find the right job for you as quickly as possible.  Stay tuned for some big announcements!  And keep sending us feedback so we can keep improving.

Want to share your job seeker story on TV?

One of the major news stations in Sydney is interested in sharing the survey results but would like to interview a few job seekers about their job search experiences on camera.  They’re particularly interested in stories from older job seekers because their experience is often much more difficult than the general population. If you’d like to be interviewed or know someone who would, please send an email to

JOIN THE REVOLUTION! #stopjobseekerabuse

We hope you’ll help us continue to drive a job seeker revolution by joining in the conversation and sharing your stories about your candidate experiences with the rest of the community.  With over 2 MILLION people searching for work every month, you’re certainly not alone and if we all take a stand – employers will have to listen!

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