Skill Up: 10 Short Courses That Will Make You Irresistible to Employers

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Upskilling is one of the best things you can do for your career. Here are 10 short course that can make you ultimately irresistible to employers…

1. HTML and CSS Package (Around 3 days)

Web design and IT skills are invaluable in all businesses today.

Some basic code knowledge from a HTML and CSS course can help you pick up web design and development freelance work or perhaps a web developer role in an IT business.


2. Creative Digital Photography Short Course (Around 2 weeks)

Do you love capturing breath-taking candid photos? Become a professional at using a DSLR camera by upskilling with this course!

If you have little photography experience, you’ll find getting gig offers at events and functions much easier with this certificate backing you up.


3. Marketing Essentials (Around 5 hours)

This sweet short course can help you get business ready and teach you the principles and essentials of marketing.

Marketing skills are desirable to all businesses, large or small. Demonstrate what you learn from this course by marketing yourself to your future employer at your interview — blow them away and you can almost be certain you’ve got the job 😉

4. Introduction to IT Project Management (Around 2 days)

Do you love managing projects and leading a team?

An IT Project Management course may be perfect for you. Learn how to effectively and efficiently manage resources, manage the timeline and milestones of a project and ensure the success of its delivery.


5. RSA (Around 3 hours, online course available)

An RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol) certificate is one of the quickest and easy to obtain certificates that can help you get job ready in any hospitality environment — often, it’s a required certificate to hold when working in any premises that serves alcohol.

You can obtain this certificate within a couple of hours. Many training providers now offer this short course online, making it even more flexible to do!


6. RCG Certificate (Around 3 hours, online course available)

Similar to an RSA, an RCG (Responsible Conduct of Gambling) certificate is also easy and inexpensive to obtain.

These two certificates are often offered as a combined course  —  Many training providers offer packages and discounts for obtaining both these licenses as it’s so common to require both in hospitality.

There’s also a high chance that there’s an authorised local training provider just around the corner from you.


7. Barista Course – Level 1 (Around 3 hours)

Although not always required when going for a barista job, it sure helps when starting out as one! A barista course is a fun and practical course to get you on the road to become a barista.

You can learn all the basic skills of a barista here, from milk foaming to pouring, and how to operate a coffee machine.


8. Coffee Art Level 2 (Around 2 hours)

A more advanced course that comes after the barista course, is Coffee Art. This course teaches you how to create beautiful designs and different pouring techniques.

If you love the beautiful look and taste of coffee, you’ll enjoy this course! Think about all the amazing designs you can serve up — and then of course, the snaps you can post on Instagram to impress your followers.


9. Licence to Operate a Forklift Truck (Around 2 days)

If you’re going into a high risk trades work environment, a forklift licence is almost compulsory. It’s a handy licence to carry and removes restrictions around work.

There are different types of forklift licence courses so best to do some research about your future employer to see which is the best to obtain for you.


10. Multimedia/Photoshop (Around 2 to 3 days)

Design and creative skills are hard to find and high in demand! You can learn advanced skills in image manipulation which many companies are looking for to aid with their advertising, recruitment or marketing.

If you skill up on the best known multimedia software like HTML5, Flash, InDesign, CSS, Acrobat, JavaScript, Dreamweaver etc. you’ll find landing a job much easier!

Has any of these courses helped you land a job? Or are there any other courses that you would recommend to a fellow jobseeker? Comment below so we can spread the word!

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