Skill up fast with these 3 in-demand qualifications

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shutterstock_156165179Are you about to leave high school or looking for a career change? Perhaps you’re worried about job security or just unsure of what field of work you want to be in …

Deciding on what courses to invest your time and money in can be one of the toughest decisions in life. Ideally, you’d want to pick up a qualification that would help you land your dream job.

Here are 3 in-demand qualifications that you should consider:

1. Diploma of Information Technology

It takes just one year to complete your Diploma of Information Technology after finishing your certificate IV. And yet this qualification paves the way for in-demand and high-paying careers.

A survey by Computer World showed that 48% of IT executives plan to hire professionals with programming/application development skills sometime in the next 12 months, and there will be more job openings for this role than any other role in the IT department.

The tech industry is and will continue to be an in-demand industry, constantly searching for new and enthusiastic workers. With a small unemployment rate of just 3% in the IT field, companies will struggle to win the war for talent.

It is evident that there is a shortage of skilled IT professionals and you can help fill that gap! Having a Diploma in Information Technology is also certainly not a one-dimensional field of expertise – here are many career paths  you can take. Help desk/technical support, project management, web development, database administration, programming, mobile applications/device management and networking also rank high in demand for the IT industry.

If you enjoy problem solving and don’t mind working at a desk all day (with the occasional ‘work from home’),  then IT may be the career you’re after.


2. Diploma in Nursing

Registered Nurse is the number 1 most demand job for 2015. A diploma in nursing should take about 18 months to complete (full time), making it quite easy for nurses to find a job. People in the healthcare industry should find it difficult to stay unemployed.

There’s no prerequisite to take this course  and you can also dive into opportunities in aged care, acute care hospitals, general practitioner clinics, teaching, rehabilitation and mental health services.

If you’re a people pleaser and enjoy caring for others, then maybe a career in health is what you’re after!


3. Multimedia and graphic design short courses

Creative skills are in demand! Basic photoshop training courses can help you get on the ground running in as little as two or three days..

You can learn advanced skills in image manipulation which many companies are looking for in order to help with their advertising, recruitment or logo. There are also web design packages lasting only 10 days.

If you skill up on the best known software/languages like HTML5, Flash, WordPress, InDesign, CSS, Acrobat, PHP, JavaScript, Dreamweaver etc. you’ll be sure to find some work, and it’s super fun if you enjoy being creative!

Feel free to share any other in-demand qualifications below.

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