Social Recruitment: These 3 Companies Are Definitely Doing It Right

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Did you know that 66% of recruiters and hiring managers are already using Facebook to find qualified candidates? This rate is increasing – growing by 10% each year.

Here are 3 companies who are doing a great job of social recruitment.



There’s no doubt Sodexo has been nailing talent attraction with Facebook (13,000+ fans), Twitter (13,000+ followers), LinkedIn (156,000+ followers), Pinterest (700+ followers), Flickr , Google+ (300 followers) and YouTube (700 subscribers). Through these channels, applicants can stay up to date with company news, and be notified when new job opportunities arise.

Sodexo is the world’s 20th largest employer and has been serving up social since 2007. Their introduction of their very own internal job app had received 15,000 downloads and resulted in 170 hires – 53% of which were internal candidates. Sodexo had been successful in reaping the benefits of social and mobile recruitment.



Dell has taken a different approach – they have set up a Facebook page dedicated to recruitment. “Careers At Dell” has more Facebook likes than even Facebook’s own careers page! Dell posts engaging content like employee quotes and pictures of events to showcase the company’s culture and engage with potential candidates.

Not only does Dell ask candidates questions and for their opinion through polls and activities, Dell also gives job search tips to help candidates in their career hunt (great way to find out all you need to know before going into the interview with Dell, right?)



Marriott Hotels

Marriott Hotels, the largest Facebook recruitment page in the world has over 1 million likes and 50,000 people interacting with the page every week – that’s more than the equivalent of a third of their actual work force.

In keeping with their theme of user engagement, Marriott runs “Career Chats” on their Facebook career page where four to five Marriott employees answer user questions in real time and offer helpful advice on applying and being accepted to jobs within the company.

What Marriott understands better than most brands is that engaging with candidates is a two-way conversation, not a one-way broadcast. As an employer, you want to know more about job seekers – but they also want to know about your company, where it is heading, and the people already working for it.

Marriott Hotel has the following advice for other companies seeking to use social media for recruitment:

“To achieve success with your social media recruitment platform, focus on creating strong connections between your current employees and potential future employees. Highlight teams and individuals, show real faces and share stories.”


Sodexo, Dell and Marriott Hotels may be in very different industries, but all three have managed to use social media effectively as an important tool in their overall recruitment strategy.

Here’s what you can learn from them:

  • Use the social media platforms that your target candidates are most active on
  • Post engaging content – images, links, polls/ activities, “career chats” etc to give potential employees an insight into what it is like to work for your company
  • Make your social recruitment strategy mobile-friendly, as the majority of social media activity now takes place on smartphones and tablets

So for your next hire, think about how you can tap into your existing fan base to find candidates who are crazy about your brand and ready to work for you!


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