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Are your students training for the jobs that are in demand?

Recently there have been a number of predictions about where the workforce is heading. The project-based workforce increasing, STEM jobs on the rise, some jobs completely disappearing and robots (or technology) taking over jobs that exist now.

It’s no secret that the workforce is definitely going through change and we’re doing our part to help employers, jobseekers and organizations such as yours know what those changes are.

To this end, and to ensure that your students are training for the jobs that are going to be there for them in the future, we’d love to keep you posted about the Jobs in Demand.

Each month we’ll also be telling our jobseekers what these are, what skills and training they need to excel in those jobs, what career paths exist for them and how to best craft their CVs and profiles to appeal to employers.

If you’d like to know more about this, would like to contribute content to these emails or would like to these emails to assist your students please just let us know.

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