Sydney HR professionals look to reinvent recruitment from the inside out

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Last month Workible, in conjunction with Allegis Global Solutions, LinkedIn and the Commonwealth Bank brought the city’s top HR professionals together to redesign HR for the world we live in today. 

The invitation-only event brought together some of the city’s top HR people from some of the biggest names in Australian and international business for the two part think-tank that saw four key disruptive strategies emerge from the teams.

Hackathons have typically been the domain of technology companies who “hack” or shortcut ways to make things work better and have become increasing popular as a way to reinvent old processes.

The teams at the Hackathon had one week to test their new strategies in a lean way – and report back to their colleagues on the effects on their functions and their teams.  The participants continue to share ideas, feedback and wins on – a site set up specifically for driving change in the HR sector – a sector that has had stagnant processes for decades.

Further Hackathons will be held over the coming months around Australia and in Asia.  Please let us know if you’re interested in participating. 

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