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5 Take Aways from RetailTech X

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RetailTech X Take AwaysLast week we attended the inaugural Retail TechX event at Melbourne’s Convention Centre. In an industry that is, without doubt, being hugely affected by technology, here are our 5 big take aways.

1. Location, Location, Location

Beacons are big business, it seems. Businesses that offer the ability to track a customer’s proximity to your bricks and mortar store, then ping them with tailor-made offers were abundant.

This, of course, means that you have to know what customers are looking for – which leads to the next thing:

2. Customer Data is King.

Using data about a customer gathered from a number of sources is becoming big business. What they bought and even what they’ve looked at means that you can tailor each customer’s individual experience to their likes which means:

3. It’s Getting Very Personal

The personalised shopping experience is going to be everything. Knowing what I like is just part of it – customising the experience for me as an individual using that data is the next step.

4. It’s a Visual Assault

Screens were everywhere. In an industry that has always been visual, the introduction of in-store visual “sales” mechanisms to assist customers in their choices will, it seems, become mainstream. Our personal favorite was on display at the Google stand. By scanning one item of clothing, this screen will show the customer all of the items that can go with that one. The ultimate up-sell.

5. Tap and Go.

We’ve seen it for payments, which is continuing to become more prevalent with the release of Apple’s iPay, now it can be used for just about anything else – including recruitment in store. Innovative companies are now using in-store signage and kiosks to allow customers to register their interest in working for them using “tap and go” technology. With customers being the ultimate “brand fans” it makes sense to recruit from this pool of company-savvy candidates.


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