The 2014 Social Recruitment Survey

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Social Recruitment is being touted as the next big thing in hiring.

Companies are now finding that they can source candidates on sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter rather than being reliant on traditional sourcing methods.

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Social Recruitment Survey 2014

But just how well does it really work? And is social recruitment going to change the way we find and hire people?

We invite you to be part of the 2014 Social Recruitment Survey – a survey being distributed to a variety of Australian and International businesses of all sizes.

The survey will measure the effect that social networks are having on the recruitment process as well as the use of social sites for candidate screening.

The findings will be published to the HR and business communities in November, 2014 and participants will be entitled to a special report on the findings and trends.

Answers to the survey will be anonymous.

To participate in the 2014 Social Recruitment Survey, click here.

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