The Best First Jobs

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first-jobThe Best First Jobs…

Looking for your first job can be nerve-wracking and stressful -patience and persistence is a necessity.

What on earth do you say in your first ever interview with that scary hiring manager? How do you write the perfect resume? How do you get a job that requires experience when you have zero experience?

This article will provide some tips on what first jobs may be the ideal fit for you.

Finding your first job depends on what level of education you’re at when starting the job hunt. Are you looking for a job fresh out of university? Are you looking for a part time job to fit around your school timetable? Or are you forced to get a job to get your life together?

No matter your situation, it’s important to have realistic expectations. Don’t expect an associate offer in a law firm just because you graduated high school with honours.


Do something you love

If possible, find a first job that connects to the career you want for your future or even one that provides a pathway to your ‘dream job.’

If you love animals, your ideal first job may be working at a zoo, animal shelter or baby-sitting an owner’s pets while they’re overseas or even having a dog walking service. If you love cars, you can start off as an oil changer, help out in a mechanic store or try an apprenticeship role.


Gain experience first

It’s important to gain experience first in order improve your chances of having a great career in the future. Sometimes your first job won’t be a paying job but the experience is invaluable and will help you attract attention from future hiring managers.

Jobs like an executive/virtual assistant provide a great pathway to future higher paying office jobs or IT related jobs. These jobs simply require decent computer skills, attention to detail, a willingness to learn and good courtesy.


Low experience but rewarding jobs

Basic retail jobs are pathways to management roles and you can typically start with little or no experience. Starting with a customer service job is also recommended because your resume can say, “customer service experience.”

Employers also love to see volunteer work – It demonstrates initiative and compassion.


High pay entry level roles

Software engineer, graphic designer, human resources assistant and sales representative are also ranked high (with good pay and great potential for growth) as entry-level jobs.

What about the young university graduate? If you’ve completed your engineering degree, and you want to be an awesome, highly paid electrical engineer for 40 years, you might have to start off as a freelance technician or stable electrician in a small company. Learning the industry and gaining experience is a must for the success of your career.



Aside from these tips, it’s vital to be prepared and thoroughly equipped for the job searching process. It is extremely common for newcomers of the workforce to make terrible and embarrassing mistakes.

Don’t be that person who hands in a dirty, crumpled application form. Or that person who misspells their own name. Or makes up obvious nonsense in their resume. Be the person who owns that job interview and impresses the hiring manager and backs it up with quality work. Nail this and you’ll be on your way to landing your first job!

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