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Have you recently lost your job? Or are you looking for a better opportunity and career? Having an awesome job search strategy is always beneficial when you’re stuck in that job seeking grind. It’s better to have a game plan than no game plan.

Here is one helpful job search timeline that you may choose to ‘employ’ 😉

1. Write down your goals and expectations

You don’t want to jump into the job hunt blind and confused. Set a clear goal and go for it. Are you looking for a specific role in a specific industry? Or are you open to a variety of jobs and industries?

What is your priority in your job hunt? What career are you looking to have in the next 5-10 years? Know what you want and need, and execute it.


2. Keep your CV up to date

This includes the new skills and experience you gained from your previous job, any new references, updating the dates (including the months) of your employment history, and making it look nice and clean and impressive.

Don’t get caught  submitting your old resume on your new job hunt – This tells employers that you’re either too lazy or not that interested in working for them.


3. Prepare your cover letters

Some job seekers neglect cover letters. But they are very important and demonstrate your professionalism. Some employers care about cover letters more than resumes.

Make sure your cover letters address the different companies personally, explain why you’re interested in applying at their company and concisely describe your best strengths. Make sure your cover letter is not too long and easy for the hiring manager to read.

4. Acquire a letter of recommendation

Good friends with one of your managers in the job you’re leaving? Great. Ask them politely to write you a letter of recommendation.

This will impress the next hiring manager you meet. Make sure the letter highlights your key skills and real experiences in the company and the kind of worker and person you are. It should be genuine and personal, yet professional.


5. Join a free job seeking tool online like Workible

Job tools like Workible give you the advantage of applying to multiple jobs at the same time with the click of a button.

Newspapers and job fairs can be tiring and time consuming, but we live in an age of wireless internet, cellphones and social media. Take advantage of these free tools to land yourself a job!

Start applying and owning those next interviews! And before you know it, you’ll be receiving a bunch of job offers! Good luck!

Team Workible
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