The “We’re Hiring” Sign Reinvented

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Finding a job is a challenge for many job seekers, especially those who are looking for their first one. Doing the “job seeker crawl” around shopping centres and businesses handing out resumes in the hope that you’re in the right place at the right time has been the folly of the unemployed for years.

But that is about to undergo a huge change thanks to Workible and Tapit who have partnered to take the pain out of applying for jobs. Now you can walk into a shop and instantly apply for a job there, by simply tapping your phone.

Workible helps businesses find and connect with workers in real time and Tapit enables objects and spaces to communicate with your smartphone. By combining their technologies the companies have made it easy for potential employees to apply there and then.

In a similar way that we tap to pay, job seekers will be able to tap on enabled signs, kiosks — even clothing tags and menus — to register for jobs with their favourite brands or in their local shopping centres.

We’re using it to reinvent the traditional ‘We’re Hiring’ sign to make finding a job – and staff – easier.

Examples of this will soon be seen in retailers and other small business where job seekers or those wishing to change jobs can walk into the shop or restaurant and apply for a job without even having to talk to the sales assistant or any other employee. Or even simpler, when they see a sticker on the shop window they can just tap the door/window with their phone without even having to go into the shop

We believe this simple yet powerful evolution of applying for jobs will bring brands closer to the people who want to work for them.

One of the key insights we have found is that retailers want to employ people who like their products. So, if you are already in the shop or cafe then chances are you like their products or brand, you’re already an advocate and hence valuable to the employer.

 This innovative use of IoT technology is a world first in HR.

Getting a job by walking into a shop or venue and leaving your CV with someone is how it has been for the last 35+ years. This new solution by Workible and Tapit evolves the experience, making it easy for people, making it easy for employers and making sure CV’s don’t fall through the cracks (or end up in the bin).

 This is all about impulse and making life easier for people. Applicants are much more likely to apply for a job at their favourite retailer if all they have to do is tap their phone on a Tapit point. Tapit gets the person in by making it easier and then hands over to the Workible platform to do the rest, said Jamie Conyngham, CEO & Founder of Tapit.

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