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[WEBINAR] Unsocial Social Media

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Strategies for managing employees social media use

The reality is that social media is everywhere. It forms part of everyone’s day-to-day life and it is becoming more and more integrated in what we do. In recent years, employers have been, amongst other things, faced with the challenge of how best to manage the social media behaviour of their employees which is linked to the employee’s employment.

Another difficulty faced by employers is how to appropriately determine if an employee’s behaviour on social media is linked to their work?

Join our partner, HR Assured, on Tuesday 21 June for an interactive session during which employers will be taken through how best to manage expectations, the importance of establishing what is expected from the employee at the commencement of the employment relation, implementing any policies that the employer may have in place and ensuring that employees understand what is truly expected of them.

Discussion points include:

  • looking at the demographic of the workforce and understating their level of social media usage
  • ensuring that employees are aware of the policies of the employer and understand their expectations
  • effectively counselling and disciplining employees who misuse social media.

HR Assured events are designed to provide you with some of the basic tools you can use to navigate your business through the complexities of the Australian workplace relations environment. At the end of each event, HR Assured always run a Q&A session, which is your chance to ask us questions about any workplace relations issues that may be affecting your business.

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We are delighted to have HR Assured on board as a Workible partner to bring our shared experience together to help employers manage their people throughout the entire employment life cycle.  As a Workible client, you have complimentary access to HR Assured’s Workplace Relations Telephone Advisory Service.  When making a call to HR Assured, please be prepared to identify yourself as a Workible client. 

About HR Assured

HR Assured, which is part of the established FCB Group, is a complete workplace relations solution for small-to-medium-size businesses (SMEs) comprised of four services: a compliance audit, an online employee management system, a 24/7 telephone advisory service and comprehensive insurance & representation. We help businesses reduce costs and risks associated with managing their people. Most importantly, this package is offered for a low-cost monthly fee.

For more information about HR Assured, visit their website. If would like to join our Partner Program, please contact Fiona Anson, Director of Partnerships, on +61 2 8332 3066 to discuss how we can work together.

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