What is RPL? And how you can get it!

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unnamedGain a Qualification through Recognition of Prior Learning

Did you know that you may be able to gain official qualifications from your prior skills and experience?

If you’ve had experience in an industry or a role, you might be able to gain a Certificate, Diploma or other certifications to add to your profile and resume to help you get a step up the career ladder. And, if your experience is extensive, you may be able to get a qualification without any additional study.

Partners of Workible can help you work out what your previous experience might qualify you for. It’s a simple matter of talking to one of our Partner’s Personal Advisors.

The process is simple. They’ll find out what you’ve done, let you know what you might qualify for, then tell you what’s required in terms of evidence.

If you’re interested in finding out if you are able to get a qualification through RPL, just let us know through email at support@workible.com.au

Make your experience count today!

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