Why a profile is better than a resume for your job chances

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93522449In our recent jobseeker survey, a number of people asked why Workible didn’t allow you to upload a resume rather than filling in a profile.

Unlike other job sites, Workible is based on a matching system (that’s being improved daily at the moment). To do this, we need data to match on. With resumes coming in all formats, shapes and sizes, it’s really hard to extract data from them for our system to read.

But there’s a bigger benefit to you. What we’ve found is that some applicants are distinctly disadvantaged by having a resume look a certain way. You might think that recruiting and hiring managers actually read all of your resume before deciding if you make the “yes” or “no” list – but the truth is they don’t!

They scan a resume to look for a few key details – and those details are different for each hiring manager. It could be that it’s work history or qualifications or even what you say about yourself that flags their interest. It could even be what your resume looks like.

So because resumes come in all different formats, they might discount you against others simply because of the font you use, the layout or even the graphics – or lack thereof – on yours. Not fair, huh?

That’s why everyone has a uniform profile (and printable) resume on Workible. So that hiring managers can compare apples with apples rather than getting distracted by fancy fonts or hard to find information.

We’ve done quite a bit of research into what information they look for, and set out your profile and printable resume so that it gives them exactly what they need. It also presents each candidate in exactly the same format so you’re not disadvantaged by the layout of your resume compared to someone else’s.

Remember, it only takes around 10 minutes to fill out your Workible profile – and then applying is simple – just one touch on the apply button. Of course, you can (and we suggest you do) update it regularly for extra skills, work history or changes to your availability, so that you continue to be matched with jobs that fit. And, if you need any help with your profile and putting it up in the best possible light – we’re just an email away.

Shoot us a note at hello@workible.com.au and we’ll make sure you shine.

Team Workible
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