Why You May Be in the “Maybe” List

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resume-pileEver wonder what it’s like to be on the list of candidates the hiring manager is semi-considering: the “Maybe” pile? It’s happened to all of us. More importantly, ever wonder what brought you to that delightful pile in the first place? It’s not a place you want to be in. This article addresses that question and offers some tips to get you off the “Maybe” list and put you on the top of the “Yes” list.

1. Your interview was good… but not too good

What the interviewer doesn’t tell you is this: “I want you to stand out, I want you to be likeable, I want to remember you.” The company doesn’t want to hire an extremely qualified, efficient worker when he or she is aggravating to work with. They want – they need – someone they’d love to work side by side with.

This means having real personality, making the interviewer laugh, being interesting and friendly, and showing who you really are in a  positive light. It is vital for you to stand out in every interview if you want to land a job quickly. It’s not only about how qualified and awesome you are for the job… unless the job is very independent and lonely.

If the hiring manager thinks there’s something wrong or off with you, then your chances are going to be slim. You might be in the “Maybe” list because you’re qualified and your interview was decent but the interviewer barely remembers the details of the interview or even your full name. Don’t let this happen! Make a memorable first impression.

2. You stand out… for the wrong reasons

Research has shown that people tend to remember negative events more than positive events. It’s great to stand out… usually. For example, you don’t want to be that person who complained about their current employer and how desperate you are to escape that job.

You might’ve had a breathtaking interview for 57 minutes but you slip up about your former boss in the last 3 minutes and now all the hiring manager is thinking about is that 3 minutes. This could’ve put you on the “Maybe” list… because they’re wondering whether to hire someone who shows those kind of signs even very early on. If you’re a pain now, what will you be like in a few months?

3. You wanted to be hired immediately without knowing enough

Another reason why you may be on that dreaded list is because you were too willing or too excited to jump into their company without enough thought, or enough knowledge, or enough questions.

The interviewer wants you to ask important questions about the company; about its processes and what’s important to you: to study whether or not you would really fit in and enjoy the job while performing well.

If you were like “When do I start?” five minutes in the interview, he or she may be thinking “Seriously? What’s this dude on? Why’s he so desperate?” Make sure you ask significant questions, especially genuine ones that are meaningful to you. You must remember that an interview is not only about them finding an awesome employee for their company: it’s also about you finding an awesome company to work in.

4. Research the company and show them you’re an asset

Preparation is key – make sure you walk into any job interview having done some research about the company (here are 5 important things to research). It’s only natural for you to research and understand the company before applying.

Show the employer how beneficial you would be to their company in the very near future. Don’t just blab on about your own skills and qualities. Describe to the employer  what you’re able to do and why you’d love the role. Is it actually a great fit for you? Prove it. Employers think of their employees as investments… it’s up to you to demonstrate why you’re worth investing in.

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