Your Last Job Ended Badly, Now What?

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1112_job-outlook-fired-hired_416x416Sometimes losing your job is unavoidable and out of your control.

What do you do after having a bad fall out with your boss or losing your job on bad terms? What do you say to your next potential employer about it?

Here are some ideas to hopefully, help you with overcoming this hurdle:

1. Look forward to the future

Your career is still ahead of you. You now have the opportunity to find a job that is better suited for you. Don’t lose faith in yourself. Get everything sorted and start the job hunt when you’re ready.


2. Stay professional rather than personal

If asked in a job interview why you left your last job, don’t complain about your former boss or bring up personal issues/disagreements that were going on. You may feel justified to do this, and maybe you are, but it won’t give a good impression. Keep it strictly professional and remain respectful. Bad mouthing your former boss will raise a lot of red flags and makes you look unprofessional.

3. Bring the negative to the positive

Sometimes it’s inevitable to explain to the interviewer the negative experiences of your last job. Make sure you don’t dwell too much or too long on these and turn it into something positive. For example, you can describe what you learned from those experiences or how you kept the right attitude and persevered. This will impress the interviewer. Don’t let bad experiences ruin your chances for future employment!


If your last job didn’t end the way you would like it isn’t the be all or end all. Don’t let this limit your future opportunities as well. Hiring managers are understanding and appreciate honesty from candidates. Let your last job experience be a learning curve to handle future jobs and employers. Good luck!

Ethan Smith
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